Cruising in New Brunswick

Many people go on cruises to socialize, see new places and exotic locations and explore. What many people do not realize is that you do not have to go far to get a great cruise experience. There are many wonderful travel opportunities right above the United States in Canada. The Bay of Funday in New Brunswick is a great place to see beautiful landscapes and some of the most incredible sea life out there. It is relatively close, and a great place to go in the summer when you want to escape a little bit of the summer heat.

Campobello Island, off the coast of New Brunswick is a huge tourist destination for those traveling in Canada. Boasting a beautiful lighthouse and greenery, Campobello Island is perhaps most well known as the summer home of late president, Franklin D. Roosevelt. If you are visiting Campobello Island, you are likely to find yourself staying at the Lighthouse Inn, a beautiful and cozy locale whose nine rooms offer the piece and serenity of the nearby ocean while providing you with the personal service and comfort that you seek. Also in the Bay of Fundy is the natural wonder of the flower pot rocks. These giant rock formations are made by the current and tides of the bay. Since they are a similar to the red clay of flower pots and have trees growing out of the top of them, they are called flower pot rocks. At low tide they resemble giant flower pots. At high tide, while the rocks are surrounded by water, they more resemble small islands with trees.

Most people who are traveling to New Brunswick will have Saint John, New Brunswick as their port of call. While docked, be sure to take advantage of the quaint shops and museums that dot the town’s downtown area. Market Square is a big part of the massive restoration of Saint John’s riverfront, and it is peppered liberally with shops and restaurants. If you are lucky enough to be in Saint John during July you will get to partake in the Loyalist Days Festival. This festival features a reenactment of the landings of the United Empire Loyalists in 1783, complete with period costume. The festival also boasts parades and an antique fair. In August, tourists and locals alike partake in the Festival by the Sea. This cultural festival brings together a whole host of Canadian and international performers. These performers provide over one hundred performances during the exciting ten day festival. Another summer festival, which also takes place in August is the "Buskers on the Boardwalk". It features magic, mime, and music on the harbor-front boardwalk.

As you can see, Canada’s New Brunswick area has a lot to offer tourism in the summer months. The cruises that you would go on to see this quaint area would not be the same as the sandy beaches and bikini hot tubs of Bermuda or the rainforests of Costa Rica, but it certainly brings its own charm to the table.

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