How To Book a Great Honeymoon Cruise

A honeymoon cruise can be a dream come true.  It’s an ideal way to celebrate a new marriage, have some celebratory time alone with your new spouse, get away from it all, and enjoy the luxuries aboard all at one time!  To make a honeymoon cruise go smoothly and fit in easily with your wedding plans, there are a few simple rules you can follow.

First of all, do some research on cruise lines in the area where you plan to hold your wedding.  Before you book either the wedding or the cruise, try to find a day on which you can have both, with the cruise leaving soon after the reception is over.  This eliminates the problem of a possible hotel stay, and means you can hop aboard the ship right after the reception and set sail.  It’s the perfect romantic cap to your day- although your friends may not be able to tie tin cans to the boat!

Perhaps you’re interested in holding the reception itself, or even the wedding, aboard the cruise ship before it leaves harbor.  Many cruise ships offer this service to wedding parties, and it can be booked as part of a savings package along with the honeymoon cruise itself.  It’s worth the phone call to find out.  It’s a great way to celebrate your big day, and is a big plus for guests, who will get to enjoy the comforts of the ship along with the joy of your wedding.  This also provides you with a little more time with your family and friends before you leave, since there won’t be the in-between time during which you and your new spouse will need to board the boat and check in.  You’ll already be on board, and your family members and friends can stay with you until the ship departs.

Finally, to make a honeymoon cruise or a wedding aboard a cruise ship go smoothly, look into all of the paperwork well beforehand.  Many cruise ships are booked solidly through popular wedding months like April and June.  It pays to reserve early, and you won’t find yourself being slapped with huge charges for last-minute changes or decisions as long as you pre-plan.  Also make sure that you get your marriage license in the correct city- most likely, the city at which the ship is ported.  Take care of passports and bank accounts before you leave, including making name changes on your cards so you don’t have to call and do it while you’re on your honeymoon cruise.

With a little forethought and pre-planning, a honeymoon cruise can be an extraordinary experience and give you and your new spouse something to remember for a lifetime.  It’s a unique opportunity to celebrate in an original way and really gives you the sense of starting a whole new life.  If this sounds great to you, then start making the plans now… you won’t regret it!

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